Thursday, September 28, 2006

Information and time

As the popular saying goes Information is Money & another says Time is Money -- which effectively means Information and Time, both are critically for making money.

Any body trying to look for all information on investing has to invest his time too. Moreover in this age of information overload, you are not sure whether you have the right information.

Moreover though Investing is not "rocket science" , it appears to be for most people. People start getting jitters even for your tax planning for the year.

Why should you invest? You should invest so that your money grows and shields you against rising inflation. The idea is that your rate of return on investments should be greater than the rate of inflation, leaving you with a nice surplus over a period of time.

Whether your money is invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or certificates of deposit (CD), the end result is to create wealth for retirement, marriage, college fees, vacations, better standard of living or to just pass on the money to the next generation.

Considering the unpredictability of the markets, research and history indicates these three golden rules for all investors

1. Invest early2. Invest regularly3. Invest for long term and not short term

Is it worthwhile to take the help of a consultant ? Here are the some web portals where you can seek investment ideas:
Equity Master , Sharekhan , ICICI , Personal Finance .... And there are too many.....

Take your time !
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