Friday, June 26, 2015

HappinessWala is Live in Action!

Life is about being a hero, a “HimmatWala”*.(personally/subconsciously, it’s also about SriDevi, my personal infatuation since 1983; but that’s a personal thing). Now the Himmatwala story is about getting a bad deal in life, anger and fighting villains & demons, before the hero finds love and success.
Actually, it’s about everyone’s story. Your and mine. We all have villains to fight, love & success to win in our lives.
The struggles of life are essential ingredients to becoming a hero. We always have a choice with negative life events: either we get stuck or we use the hurtful event to start a transformation and be a hero.
(PS: hero is a gender neutral word; My wife is a hero)
Now being a hero is a life long journey and it’s important to enjoy that journey, right? To celebrate every moment of this journey, we bring you HappinessWala!
What is HappinessWala?
HappinessWala is about being happy in this moment of our life while fighting with demons outside. (and inside). HappinessWala is about being the best possible version of ourselves in every situation of life.
Now happiness is a complex story to write. A simple thing like eating chocolates/mangos, spring cleaning or working in the kitchen garden can give us a lot of happiness. For others it could be being in service to the society. Or earning more money. Or finding Love. Or being a child again. Or in company of a special person. Or a combination of the above or something else altogether.
Happiness has different meanings to different people.
What we believe/do/plan to do at HappinessWala:
  • To plan to be the hero of our lives; the best possible version of ourselves.
  • We believe that happiness is earned. There’s nothing like a  “happiness” grant from God.
  • We will research on the recipe for happiness.
  • We will ponder over what makes us happy.
  • We will measure our happiness score to track our situation and progress
  • We will take action steps on happiness
  • We plan to create a platform for HappinessWala!
Invitation to join this HappinessWala journey
To start with, we invite you to take our mobile app on a spin. Check out the app on Google Play Store or on your browser:
We also invite you to share your happiness plans. If you can write 400-1000 words on
  • what will you do if  you are granted a wish to be the happiest person on this planet
  • what negative habits have you kicked up
  • what good habits have you learnt and how
Let’s take this exciting journey in the pursuit of happiness together.
The views expressed on this website would work for some and not work for others. It is said that in the advertisement industry, 50% of advertising works and the other 50% doesn’t. The interesting thing is that they don’t know which 50% works!
Similarly, we don’t know what will work for you and what won’t. Find it for yourself and please don’t hold us liable for your lack of happiness. No one owes you anything other than you yourself.
Connect with HappinessWala
Connect on FacebookTwitter or write to us on happy@happinesswala for ideas, suggestions on how you can be a HappinessWala. Looking forward to your thoughts in the comment section below.
* HimmatWala: हिम्मतवाला , a hindi word is a person of courage and admired for their brave deeds.

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