Friday, January 18, 2013

Money Management Action Steps Book

The book, Lights Camera Action Steps on Money Management, is available for sale.

Where to buy

Book on Money ManagementBuy on Amazon @ $3.99 or Rs 234.06
Buy the ebook on Pothi @ Rs 149.00
Buy the paperback on Pothi @ Rs 295.00
Buy the hardback on Pothi @Rs 345.00

Why I wrote the book?

My blogging journey gave me the idea of the book. Also, my 20+ years in the financial services industry exposed me to various myths and mis-information amongst customers that I thought I could clarify. Essentially I wanted to answer questions like the following:
  • What is the cost of free advice?
  • How our personal money story affects our financial decisions?
  • How to get better, professional, independent and honest financial advice?
  • How to evaluate and buy online financial products that can save you money and also maximize your investments?

What is the content?

The book uses the Lights, Camera and Action buzzwords in the context of money management.


In the financial services industry, the information that the seller has is much more than the buyer. In fact this is a huge information gap that leads to poor financial decisions. To start any change, we need to be aware of what’s right and what’s wrong and bridge that information gap. So we will enlighten ourselves with some essential money management concepts in this Lights section. This sections has 3 chapters named, Cost of Free Advice, Psychology of Money and Playing with Numbers.


After you get the knowledge, you need to translate it into action. But not before you start understanding the tools of the trade and how to use them. To get the camera rolling, we need to understand to use the tools and resources available in the personal finance space. This section has one chapter on Financial Management Tools and Softwares.


Once you get the knowledge and the tools, it’ll be of little use unless you act upon it. This book will help you arrive at clear cut decisions about your insurance cover, tax planning and investment planning to achieve your financial goals. This section has 4 chapters named, Tax Planning, Taking Insurance Cover, Selecting Investments and Recommendations.

 You can download the Introduction to book on money management where you can look at the table of content, description of what the book is all about and some views on the book. More details on my blog

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