Saturday, July 10, 2010

File Your Taxes Online With TaxYogi

The last date of filing your Income Tax Returns is coming closer - July 31, 2010. A gentle reminder so that You should not be left stranded the eleventh hour to file your returns, trying to find someone who would prepare and file the tax return for you.

A very friendly and upcoming option is e-filing. Now there are very intuitive tax applications which offer you live chats and help/tutorials in helping you to file your taxes online. It also gives you an opportunity to learn a bit of your finances yourself. I mean by doing it by yourself, you learn a lot about your finances and how you can improve upon it.

I am happy to inform that InvestmentYogi's tax application TaxYogi has been specially white labeled for my blog/website readers. Take a look.

You can experience an intuitive and step by step process for preparing and e-filing your return. The tax filing online also gives you tips for tax planning for the future.

Bindisha Sarang, LiveMint has reviewed all the tax filing applications in India and she rates the Taxyogi application "Excellent". Check out Bindisha's review here

All you have to do is:
Register yourself [Click here]
Prepare your Tax Return online
File your Return online

You do not need to know any tax laws, sections etc. It is as simple as filling up any online form!And as Bindisha says, "The biggest advantage of doing it yourself is that you get involved in your own financial life".
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