Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Invest Your Retirement Corpus in MIPs & Senior Citizen Schemes

Question: I am 61, retired and have paid all loans. I need Rs 40,000 as monthly expenses. I never invested in mutual funds but want to do so now. I have saved Rs 8 lakh. Please suggest some good funds I can invest in. My risk appetite is very low and I want regular returns. - Suvidha Your target seems unachievable. Even if you invest your entire savings in equity diversified funds (risky) that provide high returns against debt instruments, you will fall short of the target. Conservatively assuming equity yields 10-12 per cent yearly, you get only Rs 6700-8000 a month.

Answer: You may invest in monthly income plans (MIPs) - Reliance MIP, DBS Chola MIP - that give income by investing in debt schemes (80 per cent) and rest in equity. They are risky and the returns can be irregular. But, they can return more than debt. In the last 1-, 3-and 5-year, the category average gave 12.19, 8.43, and 9.18 per cent, respectively (as on April 30). Alternatively, you may invest in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) that give an assured annual return of 9 per cent.

Also, you could split your corpus between SCSS and MIP in a ratio of 50:50, or 60:40.

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