Sunday, October 25, 2009

About Page for My Blog

I am the captain of a personal finance team. I call it the IPFL Team (Indian Personal Finance Literacy Team). Each of my team members have a personality and I have a name for them too.

And the goal of this team is to change the way Indians manage their money.

Let’s take a look at the team. They are:

  1. This Blog, aka Sehwag. The blog has been there for the last three years. And from being an e-scratch pad to improve my own knowledge, it now has an opinion of it’s own. It’s a plain, simple commonsense approach without getiing into too much technicalities. Hitting the ball, aka Sehwag, is all that matters.


  • RupeeManager,  aka Sachin. RupeeManager is a desktop software that helps you track and manage your money. It’s the software that powers my effort to change the way Indians manage their money. For me, it’s the star member!
  • RupeeCamp Workshops, aka Dhoni. RupeeCamps is a money management workshop which will help you to make better financial decisions. It is the Captain of my team. The workshops would be the lynch pin around which everything revolves.
  • RupeeManager Online Workshops, aka Yuvraj. This e-Workshop will be an online version of the RupeeCamp in-person workshop. The online workshop would be the cleanest hit, like Yuvraj, the cleanest hitter!
  • Personal Finance201, aka Raina. This website will offer updated articles, calculators and other resources on personal finance. Among the stars, this one is a cool performer.
  • Forum, aka Bhajji. The RupeeManager Forum is the place to discuss money management issues. A place where you can learn and share. Like Bhajji, I would like members to speak their mind here.
  • Zoho Tracket Application, aka Sourav. The online version of RupeeManager software. The app has earned me dollars from around the world and not just India. That’s why it’s named Sourav, who was the first not to fear the global players!
  • Slideshare Presentations, aka Zaheer. These are presentations on personal finance that I have uploaded on Slideshare. The presentations which make the largest impact. Like Zaheer with his opening bowling.
  • RupeeManager on Twitter, Praveen Kumar. The twitter channel for RupeeManager. The place with few words. Well 140 characters shouldn’t be hard for Praveen Kumar!
  • Facebook Page on RupeeManager, aka Ishant. Apparently, Ishant’s the sweetest face in the team.
  • Advisor’s Directory, aka Gary Kirsten, the Chief Advisor!!. This is the place where all advisors can register and make their webpresence felt.
  • Apart from the playing 11, I have a few things up my sleave. The future stars. They are:

    1. Financial Products Database,
    2. Satisfaction Surveys,
    3. Financial Freedom Yearbook

    So you can see that I am about to change the world! :) Atleast, change the way Indians manage their money.

    There’s a question that doesn’t leave me alone, “What can you offer the world that no one else can?”. It’s a pretty tough question. Maybe this blog will help me with finding the answer. In any case, I believe that I can be the medium which can change the way Indians manage their money!

    Thanks for stopping by. Comments and feedback is most welcome.

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