Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple Personal Finance Software

Technology excites me with the way it helps us to do something in a better way. Technology fascinates me when it solves problems, big or small.

So, perhaps, this fascination has helped me build the following tracker application. I do not have any technical qualifications and it's difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. But as they say learning never stops and if you're keyed on to something, you figure out how to handle it.

Zoho Creator has featured the application on their marketplace and that has given me the courage to write it on my own blog. And also the 400+ downloads along with encouraging comments about the clean and simple interface.

To manage anything, it is recommended that you measure it first. So when we talk about personal finance, the "Do's" & "Don'ts" do not really register with most of us. The key is to "Get started" on managing your money.

So if you and I are serious about personal finance, there should be a way to track what is happening to this important resource.

Personal Finance Tracker is an easy and simple way to track your personal finance. You can measure and track your income and expenses, create your portfolio of your Investments, create alerts/reminders and go to your choicest financial calculators.

You can also see pictorial representations of your budget, investments and expenses. You can filter them for what you need to analyse.

You can further filter the chart on the basis of the category of expense, whom spent for, payment method, etc.

Similarly for the income chart, you can filter it out on the basis of various sources of income. You can see a pie chart for your budget categories as well as your expenses.

There's calendar view of your alerts and reminders too.

You can filter the calendar on the high, medium or low criticality of the alerts and the months of the alerts too.

And btw, if you think that only a techie/programmer can build all this, let me confirm that it's been done by me alone. But it wouldn't have been possible without the amazing Zoho Creator. It's really friendly and intuitive and you can build a complete web application even when you are not a techie. Even techies can use the interface to build more complex applications, I'm sure.

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