Friday, November 28, 2008

Personal Finance Tracker Software for Indian Users

Measurement is the first step of Management. So we need to measure/track our Income & Expenses and Investments to manage it in a better way.

Trawling on the net, I did find some interesting softwares that helps in managing your money.

MyIris Plus provide a powerful desktop application & RupeeX have an awesome web based Money powertool. I intend to take a test drive for both of them and review them here.

In the meantime, I built this personal finance tracker on Zoho Creator which is for newbie users like me.

The idea is simple and they are:
# Manage & Track your assets and portfolio in a simpler way
# Filter & View your Portfolio on the Investment Categories and periodicity
# Create alerts and reminders
# Links to your choicest Financial Calculators
# Create your favorite bookmarks on personal finance which you may want to revert back again and again.

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