Sunday, February 10, 2008

Search & Filter Financial Products in India

There are thousands of financial products. Over 700 Mutual Fund schemes, more than 2500 stock scrips to choose from, over 300 Insurance schemes, plenty of Debt/Bond products (Government:NSC, KVP, Corporate Bonds)

There are lakhs of financial advisors and they are a very fragmented group. Most of them have limited knowledge of personal finance. To my knowledge, less than 1% of this huge number are certified financial planners having a holistic view of your personal finance decisions. Rest of them sell selected products without having much knowledge of the other products available.

As individuals, we have to take the blame for being lousy with our personal finance decisions. We need to do a bit of research and find out the best suited products for ourselves. But where to start?

Is there a database which will give me an overview of the products available? Under various categories like Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance, etc. And can I look at the sub categories like Open ended & close ended Mutual funds, for example? Can I have a view of the products available for a particular company, say LIC?

Moving beyond the product listing, can I have a summary of the products that interests me? Is there some database which lets me take a look at the costs, benefits and the USP of a particular product?

Do you have more questions? Your question will help me in building a better and more informative database.
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