Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do your personal finance maths online on Zoho

If you want to manage something, you must be able to measure it. In other words, if you can't measure it, you really can't manage it well.

Your personal finances also falls within the above concept. How do you know whether you are doing well with your personal finances or not?

So there are tools and calculators available which can help you with a self analysis and provide a road map for your finance decisions.

The following spreadsheets which I have done on Zoho , which has a suite of online web applications offering easy collaboration.

Zoho is really amazing and I found this excerpt about them:

This is the only real “little guy” on the list. I’ve written about the fact that Zoho already has an online office suite that is better than anything from Microsoft or Google. While the product is really good, what has been equally important for Zoho is that it has proven that it knows how to execute. Microsoft got to where it is today because it was faster and more effective at executing than any of its competitors

The advantage of these sheets is that while you can toggle with your own case figures in the sheet online and they will return with the figures for your case in a jiffy. And you can also download them for free if you really like them! We'll be happier if you spread the word to your friends.
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